The Face of Positive Path International

Jane Thistlethwaite
M Ed Spec Ed Autism (Children)
University of Birmingham
B.Ed, Hghr Dip Tchg, Dip ESVI

About Us

Positive Path International (P2i) was first established in May 2003 by Jane Thistlethwaite. The aim of P2i was to provide agencies, schools and organisations involved in education, human services, personal care and disability support opportunities to be involved in positive learning pathways to enhance their own practice when working with children / people with disabilities. Since 2003, Positive Path International has provided "in house" training and consultancy services in a range of settings, both in New Zealand and throughout the United Kingdom.

Current Roles

More recently, P2i has developed a stream providing specialist Professional Development, research and hands on consultancy, working with children and young people with complex learning difficulties and disabilities (CLDD).

CLDD includes those who have two or more co existing disabilities including:
- Autism
- Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)
- Specific Learning Disabilities
- Sensory Disabilities
- Mental Health
- Disabilities as a result of pre term birth
- Rare Chromosomal Disabilities


P2i has been involved in an international research project over the past two years, led by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) in the United Kingdom. P2i led the New Zealand arm of the research with five special schools during 2010 and a further six in 2011. Details of this research on how young children with CLDD "engage" in their learning, can be found at